February 21, 2014

Java 8 Streams API - Terminal Operations

We have been discussing the Java 8 Streams API since couple of our posts. We have had an overview of the Java 8 Streams API, the Laziness and the Performance improvements it brings, and the Intermediate Operations it provides. Today, we are going to cover various Terminal Operations provided by the streams api.

February 6, 2014

Java 8 Streams API - Intermediate Operations

Last couple of posts, we are having an overview of Java 8 Streams API. Till now we have looked at the basics of the streams, understood how the streams work, ways of creating and working with streams and learned about streams laziness and its performance optimization. 

January 31, 2014

Java 8 Streams API - Laziness and Performance Optimization


We have had a quick overview of Java 8 Streams API in the last post. We looked into the Power and simplicity of the Java 8 Streams API, brief about the Intermediate and the Terminal Operations over the streams, and different ways of building the streams (e.g from collections or numerical ranges etc.). In continuation to the same discussion, in this post, we will move ahead with the streams and have a look at the most important property of Java 8 Streams that is Laziness.

January 26, 2014

Understanding Java 8 Streams API

Since past few versions, Java has started giving importance to concurrency. Java 8 goes one more step ahead and has developed a Streams API which lets us think about parallelism. Nowadays, because of the tremendous amount of development  on the hardware front, multicore CPUs are becoming more and more general. In order to leverage the hardware capabilities Java had introduced Fork Join Framework. Java 8 Streams API supports many parallel operations to process the data, while completely abstracting out the low level multithreading logic and letting the developer fully concentrate on the data and the operations to be performed on the data.

January 25, 2014

Introduction to JSR 310 Part 3 : Overview of new Java Date and Time API

The Date and Time support is a very important part of any programming language and having a stronger Date and Time support makes a language more powerful. Although, Java is a powerful programming language it was consistently lacking a stronger Date and Time support. Joda Time API is the most famous Java Date and Time API till now, but it also has set of issues with its structure. It was necessary to enhance the Java's own Date and Time support, and the outcome is JSR 310, the new Java Date and Time API.