October 26, 2012

Java Preferences API - An Introduction

In this Java Tutorial we are going to discuss about a somewhat old but not so famous API of the Java Programing Language. It has been a long time since the Java Preferences API has been introduced to Java SE (JDK). Java Preferences API is extremely lightweight and a cross platform persistent API. Being a persistent API, it does not deal with the database engines but uses OS specific backend to store and retrieve data. 

October 3, 2012

Java Collections API Enhancements: Thanks to Closures – Lambda Expressions

Friends, in the last tutorial we had a detailed introduction to Java 8’s Feature of Closures – Lambda Expressions. During the discussion, we understood the issues with the plain old Anonymous Inner Classes, learnt the Java Closures (Lamba Expressions) Syntax, and also practiced some of our own Java Lambda Expression examples along with the conceptual and practical understanding of Functional Interfaces, Method References, Constructor References and Default Methods.